Do you love helping pet owners get excellent medical care for their pets?  If so, you may make a great member of our veterinary team!

Current Position(s) We Are Looking to Hire:

  1. Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)/ “Veterinary Nurse” – seeking Full Time.  Past experience working in a veterinary hospital setting is preferred.
  2. Veterinary Assistant – seeking Full Time.  Past experience working in a veterinary hospital setting is preferred.

Position(s) We Hire For In Our Hospital:

Think you’d make a great addition to our team?  Be sure to apply – even if we aren’t hiring yet, we can let you know when there is an opening!

Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)/”Veterinary Nurse”
What we look for in a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) or “Veterinary Nurse” is not only a skilled and knowledgeable frontline care-giver, but also a team leader!  In addition to the knowledge and skillset expected of an individual carrying this professional license, a great CVT must have compassion for the patients under their care and the ability to confidently and clearly communicate their patients’ needs and care to pet owners.  A licensed CVT has the skillset to provide a variety of medical services under the indirect and direct supervision of our veterinarian(s) and is expected to be self-motivated and comfortable working semi-autonomously.  We want our CVTs or “Veterinary Nurses” using their unique skillset and training, and so we strive to have this position supported by Veterinary Assistant(s) – as such, a great CVT is also a team leader, able to help train, educate and delegate to other members of the veterinary team.


Veterinary Assistant
The Veterinary Assistant position is as “hands on” as it gets in our Hospital!  A great Veterinary Assistant not only has a love of patients, but can also communicate clearly and compassionately with pet owners about their pets’ care.  This position involves training to perform a variety of services and functions under the immediate or direct supervision of our veterinarian(s), including providing stress-free patient handling and restraint, preparing vaccinations and for in-hospital procedures, performing in-hospital diagnostic tests, patient husbandry and care, cleaning and maintenance of equipment – and more!  If you like to challenge yourself to learn new things, grow your skillset and share your passion for excellent pet care, you may make a great Veterinary Assistant!


Customer Service Representative
This position is often the face of our Hospital – and is responsible for ensuring our clients have an excellent experience – so compassion for pets and an ability to clearly and confidently communicate with pet owners and the rest of the veterinary team is a must!  Our Hospital schedule is often busy, and so and individual in this position must be able to effectively manage communications and reminders for patient care and be able to navigate and manage multiple incoming calls.  This position is also responsible for collecting payments, so the ability to manage receipt(s) and accurately count money is required.  If you are an effective communicator, enjoy the challenges of a fast-paced position and are passionate about ensuring an excellent customer experience and great patient care, you may make a great Customer Service Representative!