Lavitt Animal Hospital

Reminder and Cancellation Policy

To ensure Patients receive our focused attention, Lavitt Animal Hospital provides services by appointment only, which means Doctor and/or Staff time is reserved specifically for that Client and/or Patient’s use.  Failure of Client(s) and/or Patient(s) to show for scheduled appointments not only contributes to increased cost of care for all of our Patients, it also denies that time to Patients who otherwise could have been helped during that scheduled period. 


As such, Lavitt Animal Hospital has enacted the following policy regarding scheduled time:

Effective June 1, 2023

Appointments placed on the schedule are considered confirmed.  Our staff will anticipate the Patient on that date and time for their appointment.

Clients can always find their pets’ upcoming appointments on our online Pet Portal – accessible through our website.  Appointments can also be downloaded into a digital calendar from the Pet Portal, if desired.

Additionally, clients will receive reminders from Lavitt Animal Hospital for upcoming appointments in the following form(s):

  • 4 Weeks in Advance (Email, Phone call if no email available)
  • 2 Weeks in Advance (Email, Phone call if no email available))
  • 48 Hours in Advance (Email, Text, Phone call if no email or text available)

We understand that there will be times in which a client will need to cancel or reschedule their pet’s appointment.  In order for staff to offer cancelled appointment times to other patient(s) waiting to be seen within a reasonable amount of time, appointments must be cancelled with at least 24-hour notice or by the end of the Saturday business day for Monday appointments.

An appointment for which a patient does not arrive, or when cancelled with less than 24-hour notice will be considered a “No-Show.”  An appointment for which a patient is 15 minutes or more late will be considered a “No-Show” and will need to be rescheduled.

  1. After the first “No-Show” appointment within a year (365 days), the client will be reminded of our Reminder and Cancellation Policy. A deposit will be required to schedule future appointments as follows:
    • $25 for a technician appointment
    • $50 for a doctor appointment
    • $150 for a surgery or dentistry procedure

2. The deposit will be applied to the scheduled appointment, unless…

  • If the client cancels the appointment in compliance with the cancellation policy, as described above, the deposit will be returned
  • If the client fails to show, as described above, the deposit will be forfeited – a fee will be charged, consuming the deposit

3. Three “No-Show” appointments within a 365-day period may result in services no longer being offered to a client.