At Lavitt Animal Hospital, we can administer your pet with a HomeAgain microchip – one of the leading microchips on the market. 

HomeAgain microchips provide your pet with a unique, 15-digit number that can be identified by microchip scanners at most veterinary hospitals and animal shelters.  These microchips also qualify as identification for pets traveling internationally!

When we administer a HomeAgain microchip, you will also receive an included 1-year HomeAgain membership – a $19.99 value, but the benefits can be priceless!  Benefits include:

      • A 24/7 hotline to Lost Pet Specialists, who will help you conduct your search if your pet is lost
      • Rapid Lost Pet Alerts, which are sent to veterinarians, shelters and rescues around your area
      • Travel Assistance – if your pet is found over 500 miles away, HomeAgain will cover up to $500 in pet airfare to get your pet home faster!
      • A 24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline (1-888-466-3242, option 2) – staffed by licensed veterinarians, this is great for those after-hours emergencies when you are unsure whether or not you need to bring your pet to an emergency hospital!